Store Policies

Hello! Thank you so much for being here. I appreciate your support more than you can know, and I hope you love your earrings! 

Every shop needs some policies, here are mine! Please contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns via email.


The Goods: 

  • Every item on my website is handmade.  I take all the precautions to ensure that the products are of the upmost quality, but at the end of the day - they are handmade and there may be minor quirks, small blemishes or bubbles, or a bit of shine to parts of the clay.  I wont sell or send out any pair of earrings with large, noticeable blemishes, but with the nature of the medium used and the handmade aspect, there may be small bits of personality to each piece
  • Polymer clay is durable and bendable...but don't bend your earrings for funsies! I know we've all seen that instagram post where the maker is bending an earring to show you how well it's been cured, but bending your goods as a customer seems wild, just wear em, ya know? 
  • Every back is hypoallergenic - that's why sometimes the backs are silver and the other hardware is gold...I know, it drives me batty too, but i'd rather your ears be comfy than match something you dont even see.
  • My more "organic" shapes may not be exact replicas of one another, they are made by hand predominately without the use of cutters
  • If you're buying a marbled or patterned earring, there are often multiple pairs available in that style, your pair will be cut from the same slab as pictured, but the pattern may vary from the photo 

Returns + Damages: 

  • Returns and exchanges are generally not accepted. Each case will be given consideration but please take note of the sizes and notes listed on each photo. 
  • Damaged earrings are reviewed on a case by case basis, please email me at with issues! At the end of the day, I want you to be happy so lets work together to get you there. 
  • Approved remakes of damaged earrings cannot be guaranteed to be an exact replica of your prior earrings, especially if marbling or a pattern is involved, those things are near impossible to duplicate. 
  • If your damaged earring exchange is approved, you may not be offered the exact same earring if your earring is from a past collection; those colors are hand-mixed and I dont always have them.  You may chose another style from my current collection or store credit! Thank you for understanding! 
  • There may be some tarnishing on chain or other embellishments, this is natural and does not constitute a return or exchange. 


    • All items will ship out within 14 days, usually much sooner
    • Due to COVID 19 and bad politics, USPS has been experiencing more delays than usual, please know your postal service people are overworked and underpaid, they're doing the best they can! If it takes a super long time, please contact them and me and we will get it worked out. 
    • All packages are shipped First Class unless the shipping charge is similarly priced to ship priority, I will chose the faster of the two in that instance
    • These Hollow Hills is not responsible for packages after they're in the hands of the Post Office. Please contact your local branch about shipping delays, list packages, etc. Once the USPS has your goods they are the folks to holler at, but do keep me in the loop, I want you to have your earrings and will do the best I can to make that happen. 
    • Buyer is responsible for any customs/duties charged by their country, unfortunately this is something I don't have control over, many European countries add Customs Tax that needs to be paid to retrieve your earrings, please yell at your politicians, not me 😃

General Policies: 

  • I am a human, you are a human, we both should be treating each other as such. I encourage you to reach out if something is amiss with your order and we will work together to rectify the situation.  I am the sole employee of this business, so please proceed with empathy and I will do the same 
  • Absolutely no hate speech, racism, or any other bullying or bad vibes are tolerated at These Hollow Hills.  If you do not comply with this you will gladly be removed from my instagram followers and we can both go on our separate ways. Otherwise, let’s hang. 
  • I unfortunately cannot accommodate custom orders at this time, if you buy something on my site you are buying it AS IS, i cannot change the style of backing (plugs, clip ons, etc) after the fact, please contact me prior to purchase with any questions or special requests and ill do my best to accommodate 

Thank you all for your support and encouragement. If you have questions, please reach out! 


Tag us in your goods #thesehollowhills @these.hollow.hills, I love to see you in your earrings!